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Millions of American’s lives are impacted daily by mental health conditions. As a way to show support, NAMI Sarasota and Manatee Counties participates in and hosts several mental health awareness events.

Participating in a local or national NAMI event is a great way for you to help increase people’s understanding of the complexity of mental illness. Through these events we can expel myths, educate the public and show support for the many people affected by mental health that are working to improve their lives.


Webinar Series:  Into the Future, Mental Health Support for Families Planning for the Future, August 12th, September 9th, and October 14th

NAMI Sarasota & Manatee is excited to announce that we have partnered with Mental Health Community Centers to bring to you a Webinar Series. This Webinar series features 3 different live sessions via Zoom, and is focused on family planning for the future. Topics include, Guardianship (intro/alternative options), Financial Planning (setting up trusts & benefits), and Planning the Future (relationship in guardianship).

Links to Past Events and Event Photos

An Emerald Evening 2020 – Online Event

Out of the Blue 2019

An Emerald Evening 2019

An Emerald Evening 2019 Photos

Out of the Blue 2018

Out of the Blue 2018 Photos

Out of the Blue 2017

Out of the Blue 2017 Photos



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