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Could Your Family Benefit from a Family Navigator?

family navigator NO COST, Peer Support for families residing in Sarasota County with children under the age of 25, experiencing Mental Health Challenges.

Mental health challenges do not discriminate and are no one’s fault. If your child’s behavioral health is interfering with their ability to lead a happy and healthy life, reach out for help from someone who has been there, and knows the challenges families encounter.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is the leading, grassroots, mental health organization, led by individuals with lived experience, known as “peers.” Through this network of peers, NAMI is able to offer the expert perspective of individuals in recovery to inspire hope and empower others on their wellness journey.
NAMI offers free support, education, advocacy, and outreach to individuals with a mental health condition, their families, and the community. In addition, peers help to inform systems, in an effort to better serve their consumers.

“Nothing About Us Without Us!”

Here4Youth LogoThe Family Navigator is a new position within NAMI Sarasota and Manatee Counties, as a part of the [HERE4YOU]TH initiative.  This position was created as a direct recommendation from the University of South Florida’s 2018 scan of mental health services in Sarasota County, commissioned by The Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation and the Gulf Coast Community Foundation.  For more information on [HERE4YOU]TH and the findings of the environmental scan, please visit


  • Listens to the family’s needs
  • Offers peer support
  • Assists the family in navigating systems
  • Focuses on the family’s strengths to overcome challenges
  • Promotes Family/Youth Voice and Choice
  • Connects families to community resources
  • Creates opportunities for skill-building to support resilience and recovery
  • Identifies system barriers and advocates for consumer’s needs


To learn more or schedule an appointment contact
Sarah Miller, Family Navigator at 941-376-0206 or

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