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School Initiatives

The Head Shot Initiative for School Personnel

While we are in the business of the profession of education, we do not often feel professional. We have to begin to change our own cultural norms within education and step forward. One way to do that is by starting with a good quality headshot that educators and school personnel can use for an online presence or updated resumes. We bring our photographer to your school and use an outdoor setting.  This is so much better than picture day. It’s a safe space to strike a pose and just be you! Kids and parents don’t want us to be perfect; they want us to be real! We look forward to seeing you at your school!

Community Doors


  • To help support your teachers and school personnel, we have collaborated with other organizations that have the capacity to reach locally, regionally, and nationally to support each other. There are different doors to enter for support. You get to choose for yourself.
  • Just invite us to your zoom staff meetings and we share the different pathways to heal from compassion fatigue.




Voices for Teachers

As teachers we have to talk and listen all day! Now that we are wearing masks, protecting and projecting our voices is even more important for overall health. Vocal health is usually not something we teachers consider; we can improve it with the right techniques and exercises. Book your 1 hour training for a staff meeting with Lauren Moore, a vocal coach from NYC. Prevent vocal fatigue, reduce anxiety in your breath, and increase your resonance or vibrant sound for better authority in your classroom.

The Pay It Forward Lunch Program

  • Taking care of the front office, custodial, and support staff in a school is a big deal.
  • How does it work? A school that receives the lunch gets to nominate another school!
  • How many schools have participated since August 2020? 10 Schools: Tatum Ridge Elementary, Emma E. Booker Elementary, Lamarque Elementary, North Port High School, Brentwood Elementary, Tuttle Elementary, Wilkinson Elementary, Alta Vista Elementary, Garden Elementary, Glen Allen Elementary…


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