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Student Initiatives

Peer To Peer Mentoring Program

Giving a voice to youth through peer to peer relationships. When we start young, we can support sooner and better. Fifth graders are paired with 3rd graders to raise self-esteem, practice self-reliance, and create friendships. Training the next generation creates a pathway to sustained  mental health wellness in the school environment. If you want a peer to peer mentoring program that fits your needs for your school, reach out and let’s get started! 

Educational Coaching

Together with COMPEER, we provide 1-1 online tutoring for students who struggle with organization and need support to navigate coursework. Compeer Sarasota works closely with the private and public schools in Sarasota and Manatee Counties to provide services, i.e., caring friendships, to their student population.  If you know of a student who you think would benefit from a Compeer friendship and academic support, speak to his or her teacher or counselor about making a Compeer match.

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